Valuable Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement in Laguna Woods, CA

Do you know the value of reliable plumbing service? At Laguna ASAP Plumbing & Drain, we know that our customers depend on us to connect them with the area’s best independent plumbing contractors for exceptional toilet repair and toilet replacement services. We take our responsibility to the public seriously and make sure that whenever you call for repairs that you are treated with kindness, you’re offered immediate repair service, and you’re quoted a fair and affordable rate.

Broken toilets are problematic and often happen at the worse times. Whether your guest bathroom has decided to clog right before you’re expecting a houseful of guests or your children’s shared bathroom is flooded because of a leaky toilet, you can count on us to provide inexpensive, industry-certified plumbing service to you the same day you call for repairs.

We Take Care of Leaky Toilet Repairs Fast

Leaky toilets are incredibly frustrating. Not only can they cause massive amounts of water damage, but they can potentially cost you hundreds of extra dollars on your water bills if these leaks go unnoticed. You may wonder how it is possible to not notice a leaky toilet, but not all leaks are outwardly visible.

Have you noticed your toilet making a whistling sound, sweating, running constantly, or flushing intermittently by itself throughout the day? These are signs that you have a toilet leak inside the tank. When a toilet’s hardware is worn out or broken, the water does not flow out of the tank properly. Instead it pushes up over and into the overflow tube and tricks the toilet into thinking that someone has flushed and it needs to fill up.

These types of leaky toilets can waste hundreds of gallons of water in a single month. It is estimated that a leaky toilet can use as much as two gallons of water every minute. Think about how it would feel if you poured two, brand new gallon jugs of milk onto your kitchen floor every minute. That’s a lot of wasted milk and money, right? That is essentially what is happening every minute you let a leaky toilet exist.

Our Clogged Toilet Repairs are Effective

Clogs form when too much toilet paper is used, the wrong kinds of paper products are flushed, and when objects like sanitary napkins and tampons are flushed down the toilet. Sometimes it is possible for a person to plunge the clog and fix the problem. Unfortunately, many of the clogs we deal with on a daily basis are deep inside the drainpipe or sewer line. When this happens, you can plunge until your arms are sore, but it won’t dislodge the blockage.

In instances like these, our licensed plumbers use effective drain cleaning services such as water-jetting to clean the inside of your pipes and remove the clog. Water-jetting uses pressurized water and is highly recommend for tough drainpipe and sewer line obstructions.

Call Us When You Need Toilet Replacement

If it’s time to consider toilet replacement, call us and we’ll discuss your options. Did you already purchase a new toilet? We can help you with toilet installation in Laguna Woods, CA, to guarantee that your new toilet purchase is installed correctly so it will not clog, leak, or fail you in any other way.