Garbage Disposal Replacement and Repair on Your Budget

Did your garbage disposal suddenly stop working? When this happens, it can leave you feeling irritated and uncertain. Usually, when a disposal has been working perfectly then suddenly stops, the culprit is a clogged drain pipe, a broken propeller, or problems with the power source.

For immediate repairs, call Laguna ASAP Plumbing & Drain. We are your local source for all garbage disposal repair and replacement services. Our independent contractors are highly trained and value quality workmanship. When you call for assistance, we guarantee that our plumbing specialists will work hard to determine the exact cause of the problems and make repairs that last.

Say Goodbye to Common Garbage Disposal Repairs

Most of the service issues our plumbing specialists respond to can be directly attributed to mishandling by the homeowners. A garbage disposal is one of those appliances that seem rather straightforward. It is easy to use, but it is just as easy to misuse. This is because most homeowners do not realize that the average, residential disposal is not built to accept large amounts of food at one time and it is not capable of properly disposing of non-biodegradable material.

Many problems such as jammed blades, broken flywheels, and even burnt out motors can be prevented by taking measure to use the disposal properly. This means only putting leftover food waste from cooking and dinner plates into the receptacle and taking great care to prevent foreign objects like utensils, coins, bread ties, trash bag ties, and other non-biodegradable kitchen debris from falling into the kitchen sink.

Refer to your disposal’s owner’s manual for specific, manufacturer suggestions to ensure that your disposal runs without problems for as long as possible.

Call Us for Quality Garbage Disposal Replacement

When a garbage disposal is on its last leg, sometimes the best solution is to start from scratch. While our plumbing specialists are talented and can work miracles, there are just some cases when a broken disposal is not able to be repaired. If you find yourself in this conundrum, don’t worry. Replacing disposal is not as expensive as you may imagine. Our contractors will help you find the perfect replacement model that is energy efficient and also within your budget.

We repair and install all brands of disposals including major brands like Maytag, General Electric, InSinkerator, Waste King, and more. For a free quote for replacement service or to learn more about our garbage disposal repair plumbing service in Laguna Woods, CA, give us a call today! Contact us today for all your needs including high-efficiency toilet repair and more!